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How are the moratorium and modified credit processes handled with the Banks?


What do I have to do once the moratorium period on debt payments with financial institutions has ended?


How do I deal with the large amount of information that banks request in order to refinance debts?


How can financial projections and a revised business plan be made in the face of so much uncertainty, unforeseen events and challenges that entrepreneurs have at this time?


We have the solution for you for all these questions, concerns and the need for tools that you currently have to deal with this complex current situation. In this post-pandemic time, it is necessary to have the necessary tools to generate a refinance of your credits that allow you to reactivate your company, give you a break while activities resume as well as the income they generate and see the result of the adjustments as well as the changes you make in your company to be successful in this new reality. Additionally, knowing the challenges, challenges and risks in the next 12 to 18 months that will allow you to document your plan and projected cash flow to sit down to negotiate with the banks.


In this module we give you the necessary advice and support so that you have the tools to sit down   negotiate with your commercial and financial creditors, seek efficiencies and have a business plan accompanied by financial projections, indicators and cash flow to follow up as well as provide this documentation to the banks to enter into refinancing or debt restructuring. 

My experience as a banker gives you that vision of how banks see their clients, which are requested by financial institutions to refinance and agree on repayment plans and even request funds to reactivate the business during this situation we are experiencing.

We provide a guide to the questions, documents, information that banks usually ask and that the regulator also requests so that you achieve a successful negotiation of the refinancing of your debts, including being able to deal with several creditors at the same time and prioritize the flows, destination of funds, repayment of debts and use of current credit lines with banks and suppliers.


  If you want to know more about this course and program, please contact us for more details by writing an email to  or the WhatsApp button.

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