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Which are   the requirements for Account Opening in Panama?

How  Is it achieved a less cumbersome, more efficient process to open accounts and deposits in Panama?

On  that  consists of customer due diligence that they do   banks when opening an account, how does it impact me as a customer?

How  to do to deliver all the requirements and fill out all the documentation in the shortest time possible so that my account is opened in the shortest possible time and in the most expeditious manner according to the local regulations of the square?

How  Are the personal and legal accounts of foreigners opened in Panama, which are requested by the Banks?


In this course we offer the support and guidance necessary to collect all the necessary documentation in an orderly, effective way that allows the client to have a better experience in the process of opening bank accounts, both personal and those of their companies and / or   foundations in Panama, both local and foreign natural and legal persons. We have the experience of knowing all the requirements that banks ask in the process of opening the account, the extended due diligence, the financial and transactional profile of the client that allows reducing the response times of the opening of the account.

The program includes filling out the forms, monitoring the management of the account, analyzing the situation of the bank where the opening of the account is selected. How to select the best risk return option of depositing funds in the bank and for what term. Comprehensive and detailed analysis tools of the bank's situation, its reputation, its financial results, its strength, liquidity levels and capital adequacy, among others.  

If you want to know more about this course and program, please contact us for more details by writing an email to  or the WhatsApp button.

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