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Given the current uncertainty, it is time to focus our efforts on how to manage the personal and family budget as well as the budget of the companies in the face of the new reality. In this module we will talk about planning, expenses, and financial budgeting.

There are certain critical issues to consider in order to build and prepare a personal and family loan: your current situation, debts, how much you have to save for your retirement, assets with which you have to sell if there are unforeseen events, what is your employment and business situation and why Lastly, how has the pandemic affected and is it going to affect your income in the coming months?

It is good to carry out the exercise of the personal / family budget and more important is to keep track of it. It gives a relief, it is applied little by little and every time it is easier to follow it.


The Commercial Budget is critical for any company. The magnifying glass, the photograph of a company and it helps a lot to make better decisions for the company. Helps understand the strategic plan and goals of the company. There should be an overall budget that follows the goals of the company. It is important to consider the client as an exercise because it is the main source of income generation from the company's business. Within the budget exercise, it is essential to forecast the cash flow of the company.

These are part of the guidelines of the methodology of a comprehensive budget exercise:

  • Determine the periodicity of the budget

  • Set a time savings goal for contingencies

  • The objectives must be measurable, quantifiable and achievable

  • Use digital tools or an Excel page to make and review the budget

  • Incorporate medium and long-term objectives in the exercise of the Budget

  • It is advisable to seek the support of a financial advisor

The budget is a very efficient way to plan for the future and have resources that allow us to fulfill our personal dreams and those of our families.

That is why in addition to our course, you will be able to try very useful and innovative tools for managing your budget, such as Capitalys, a complete platform to manage your money and be successful.


In the next button we leave you a Personal Budget template and below the download links of the app, we hope it will be very useful.

Web Budget:




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