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How can I get more out of my savings and investments?

What to do in this new reality with my investments?

How do I manage my investment portfolio and my assets and that it adjusts to my reality?

Savings and investment  they are related but different. While in saving the money is saved to dispose of it in the future (near or distant), in investing we risk a part of our money so that it provides us with extra money for the future.

Basically saving is putting money aside on a regular basis. It is a part of the monthly income not destined to spending but is saved thinking about the future, such as covering an unforeseen or economic emergency, paying for studies, buying a house,  start your own business

Once you have a good amount saved you can start investing money. Investing is the way to really start growing your money and start building wealth.

If you keep your savings in a savings account, the amount of interest you will earn will be very small. Instead, the  savings investment  in funds or stocks it offers a much higher rate of return.

The  difference between saving and investment  It is at this point that the investment is riskier, since the money invested does not guarantee a return. It is important to remember that investing is a long-term perspective and you have to be prepared to weather times when the market is not so good.

When you start investing it is important to reduce your risks. An easy way to do this is with mutual funds; These are a diversified investment alternative that brings together the savings of several people to invest in different financial instruments, reducing the risk of losing everything almost to a minimum.

The ideal to start  invest savings  It is waiting until you get out of debt, otherwise, more money will come out than is coming in and it will be impossible to create wealth. In this sense, focus on saving a separate monthly to pay your debts. Your net worth is determined by subtracting your debt from your assets, if you accumulate more debt than  saving and investing, then you will not get ahead.

You should also have money in an emergency fund that should not be touched to invest. This fund must be easily accessible when an emergency occurs.

The most important tips to protect and monetize your money in post-pandemic times are:  

  • Not focusing on short-term downturns in medium and long-term investments

  • Diversification according to the Risk Profile (Conservative, Moderate, Risky)

  • Pay in intervals for an asset regularly (monthly)

  • Seek support from certified financial advisors (check credentials)

  • Identify sectors less sensitive to the crisis

  • Try to keep   a minimum monthly savings fee (at least 10% to 15% of income)

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